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34 minutes
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SP01 - These Boots Are Made For Squeezing,
by Scissorplanet

A great video for the squeeze and boot lovers! Made by our partners from www.scissorplanet.com . Quoting Scissorplanet:

She is absolutely very well known as one of the scissors stars worldwide and her name is legendary…

Her boyfriend is a real lazy boy and is hanging around on the sofa. Lethal Veronica went shopping and is coming home with her bags. She is wearing some brandnew Italian designer boots. She has a nice welcome for the guy, proudly presenting her 2000 Dollar boots.

The miserly boy friend at once is complaining about her extravagance and that he will not accept anymore her squandermania. As he starts to make fun of her luxury boots, she gets totally upset, loses her temper and changes from the beauty to the beast.

What comes now is an incredible beating up of this guy, totally smashing him. She is squashing him between those ebony coloured trunks and you can see his face turning purple in her viselike scissors, struggling and moaning, but totally helpless.

In the end she will convince him to head out at once again for more shopping…

Video is in WMV format
35 minutes long

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